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Turf Surfaces for Sports and Equine Use:

The specific individual sports surface requirements of each sporting surface is fully comprehended by Proinn and this understanding is fully incorporated into our designs and solutions.

Our team is capable of offering proven practical experience, supported by recognised scientific data, in all aspects of design, preparation, renovation and maintenance procedures for use at all levels and in all areas of the world.

Our expertise in turf modular fields and tennis courts, drop-in wickets, removable modular gallop racetrack crossings, reinforced profiles and free draining surfaces, is considered leading edge and supported by our ongoing research and development strategy.

Turf Car Parking and Access Roads:

The ever demanding desire to provide grass parking surfaces is well recognised by ourselves.

Our experience can provide practical solutions for water control, vehicle abrasion resistance and provide manageable techniques to grass car parking areas and access roads.

Sports Turf Repair Solutions:

Proinn has sufficient practical experience to realise that the very best constructed turf surface can take only a certain amount of use and will from time to time require repairs.

Our team is capable of offering proven practical experience, in all aspects of replacement turf techniques and production in any corner of the globe.

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Turf Production

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