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ESA002.jpgWe believe that the only way to maintain our status within the industry is to continuously research and improve both our products and expertise.

We invest vast amounts of both time and resources studying, investigating and improving how we can improve upon what we already offer and this is passed directly to our clients.

ESA006.jpgWhilst we have a small in-house laboratory and “on farm” test plots at our own headquarters, we also carry out on-site research in conjunction with our clients and utilise the services of specific industry laboratories.

We maintain a very high standard of quality control, which encompasses all aspects, from design, through to materials for both construction and production, manufacturing facilities and construction techniques, installation, maintenance and on-going reporting.

In conjunction with Equine Surface Analysis we have developed a comprehensive analysis system to deconstruct our surfaces after installation, allowing us to report to our clients on both the surface as well as all constituent parts, utilising such methods of testing as:

• % TPH determination
• Congeal point determination
• Particle size distribution analysis of quartz
• Microscopy analysis of extracted components
• Monitoring for key chemical degradation mechanism in polymeric components

ESA005.jpgWe believe that we continually improve both our surfaces and services and our aim is to provide safe, consistent surfaces for equine athletes.

Our research and development obviously involves many different sections of the equine industry and we are more than happy to discuss our work and see how we can move forward with other sectors of the industry.