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Safety Surfaces

The equine athlete is a sensitive, delicate, highly strung and finely bred individual that is susceptible to all sorts of injuries. Bearing in mind that the horse is walking on steel or aluminium shoes, it becomes clear that the chance of slipping and sustaining an injury is great but even more so in certain situations, such as entering or leaving a swimming pool; being washed down after exercise; being paraded before a noisy crowd or even leaving or entering the stable complex.

What then, can be done to reduce the chance of these horses, being injured, or even just frightened? The simple answer is to provide surer and more consistent footing, on which the horse is confident and therefore both calmer and safer.

The use of rubberised flooring products or safety surfaces within the equine industry has been developed over an extensive period of time and we have taken it upon ourselves to design and incorporate these types of surfaces allowing safety to be our main priority, whilst balancing cost, durability, maintenance and ascetics.

Such products are now available on a world wide basis, and have been used extensively by leading owners, trainers and breeders in all five continents. Not just for racehorses, but also for show jumpers, polo ponies, dressage and events horses. These products have been specifically designed for the purpose required to reduce the risk of injury to horses and to provide a safe and hygienic surface.

Everyone within the equine industry and even the general public have been impressed with these ascetically pleasing rubberised safety surfaces that calm a horse with their silent tread and create a slip resistant surface. These surfaces are not only used at the track, in parade rings or walkways, but also in barn corridors, saddling or sales areas, and serving barns.

Rubber Walkway.jpg

Rubber Road Crossing.jpg

Rubber Walking Ring.jpg

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