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Equine Pools

It is an increasingly known fact that swimming is an excellent form of exercise as well as a great aid to both the recovery and rehabilitation of certain injuries in horses.

Swimming of horses is very popular with many trainers and especially those in the warmer climates.

There has been many studies carried out with respect to the swimming of horses and the following points have become common knowledge.

  • Develops basic physical fitness.
  • Excellent for the rehabilitation of horses with limb problems.
  • Provides a training stimulus and contributes to reducing the frequency of lameness.
  • Tethered swimming is a useful way of increasing the intensity of swimming exercise.
  • Swimming in circular pools can cause fatigue to outside legs is the swimming direction is not changed regularly.

As a company we have studied the design, construction methods and water treatment of equine pools and integrated this with both the beliefs and concerns of trainers resulting in the fact that we now believe that we can design and construct these facilities to the highest possible standard, incorporating all the requirements of the trainers whilst ensuring the safety and well being of both the horses and handlers.

With the known therapeutic value of water based exercise/therapy treatment for certain injuries, we also have the ability to provide turnkey installations of both:

  • Underwater Treadmills
  • Equine Spas

We only need to know the following points from you:

Specific Requirements
√ Number of Horses
√ Location
√ Space Available

To allow us to be in a position to develop a complete proposal for you equine pool complex

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